Wide assortment of rPET sheets


B030: Monolayer rPET up to 100% post-consumer waste (P.C.W.).

B040: Monolayer High Clarity (mainly) made from post-industrial waste and P.C.W.

B050: Monolayer Improved Clarity made from max. 60% P.C.W.

B120: Co-Ex Material, ABA.    

B520: HICO, Co-Ex Material. HICO Layer providing outstanding sealing ability.

B082: rPET BLEND, a monolayer film including APET/PE flakes.

Form-fill-seal: mono PET solution available for food producers.


Additional information:

Anti-blocking by either surface-coating (silicone) or master batch.

Sheet available in clear and color (white, black and brown are standard). 

Sheet available as anti-static (surface coating) and anti–fog. 

Gauges from 0.18mm up to 1.00mm; gauges from 1mm upon request. 

All our materials fully recyclable and with up to 100% recycled content.

All our materials compliant with the EU requirement/legislation for direct food contact. 

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